Lisbon 2022


Day 1 (18 June 2022)

Title Speaker(s)
Decentralizing Monero Mining - How and Why Howard Chu (hyc)
Trying to De-Anonymize I2P Network Participants and its Relation to Crypto Swaps Involving Monero [p1], [p2] Konrad Baechler & Marco Purtschert
Network-level Anonymity and Transaction Privacy: using the Nym Mixnet for Cryptocurrency Transactions and Services Max Hampshire
Atomic Swaps: Present and Future of the Farcaster Protocol TheCharlatan, Lederstrumpf
Building Web3 with Monero AlexAnarcho
Scalable Digital Currency for Central Banks Geoff Goodell
Financial Oppression Throughout History Nathan
Reducing Monero’s Friction Points for Rapid Widespread Adoption Henry
Why we Monerujo? anhdres
The Consequences of Consequentialism: How the Trolley-switchers Derailed Decentralization Edwin den Boer
User perceived privacy in blockchain Simin Ghesmati
The MAGIC Monero Fund – A Simple Way to Donate to Monero Luke Parker (kayabaNerve)
What’s next for Cake Wallet and Justin Ehrenhofer
Partial Linkable Spontaneous Anonymous Group (PLSAG) signatures for Monero Haruto Yamamoto
The Role of XMR in Portuguese Freedom-based Economies Mr P, Libre, MRPT and Nala
Make Monero Peer to Peer Again! How Crypto Dealers will Return Crypto to its Cypherpunk Roots Juraj Bednar

Day 2 (19 June 2022)

Title Speaker(s)
The Need for a Layer-two Network in Monero Seth for Privacy
Why Multisig is Important – And How to do it Right Luke Parker (kayabaNerve)
On The Security and Ecological Sustainability of Monero Francisco Cabañas (ArticMine)
A Legal Perspective on the Fundamental Right to Privacy Adella Toulon-Foerster (bitcoinkhaleesi)
DarkFi: Anonymous Engineering for Dank Net Markets Amir Taaki
The Global Opportunist Handbook Pavol Wilder Lupták
Bisq: On the Privacy Cost of Participation Martin Harrigan, Liam Hickey
Regulations: Navigating the Conundrum of the Crypto Space Individual-1
Seraphis Balance Recovery koe
Privacy as Invisibility (by Default): Bridging the Gap between Anarcho-Capitalists and Cypherpunks Andrea Togni
Seraphis/Jamtis: Feature overview of the proposed upgrade to Monero Justin Berman