Prague 2023


Day 1 (23 June 2023)

Title Speaker(s)
Monero & Cryptocurrencies as the Most Powerful Liberalizing Tool of Global Opportunism Pavol Lupták
Full Chain Membership Proofs: Solving One of Monero’s Last Privacy Hurdles Luke Parker
Pseudonymity Is Not Enough: Why Monero ‘misses out’ on Decentralised Identity Ben Biedermann
On the Anonymity of Peer-To-Peer Network Anonymity Schemes Used by Cryptocurrencies Piyush Sharma
Identity vs Anonymity: Battleground for the Future of Finance midipoet
Spats: User-defined Confidential Assets and Tokens Aaron Feickert
Overview Security, Spam, Scaling & Fee Markets in Monero & Bitcoin Like Cryptocurrencies ArticMine
MProve+: Privacy Enhancing Proof of Reserves for Monero Suyash Bagad
World’s Freest Country: Introducing Liberland Michal Ptačnik
The Houdini Act: How Privacy Electronic Cash & Cypherpunk Tech Increases Freedom? Juraj Bednár
How private is Bitcoin? Classification and Evaluation of Bitcoin Privacy Techniques Simin Ghesmati

Day 2 (24 June 2023)

Title Speaker(s)
BasicSwap: Increasing Monero’s Resiliency using BasicSwap DEX Kewde
Analysing Monero Merchants‘ Traffic Using Simple Chainanalysis Juraj Bednár
Welcome to the Garden anhdres
A Formal Evaluation of Privacy in Monero François-Xavier Wicht
Seamless Escrowed Markets with Monero Multisig koe
The Economics of Privacy Martin Gundinger
Lelantus Spark: State of the Art and Future Improvements Aram Jivanyan
PayMo: Verifiable Timed Linkable Ring Signatures For Scalable Payments For Monero Dominique Schröder
Anonymous Credentials with Threshold Issuance Alfredo Rial
Anonymous Set Proofs for Infinite Ring Size Amir Taaki
ETH-XMR Atomic Swaps noot
Monero Light Wallets: Today and in the Future Justin Berman
Monerujo - Quo vadis? m2049r

Day 3 (25 June 2023)

Title Speaker(s)
The Monero Standard (Remote) Stoic.xmr
SimpleX Chat: Private and Secure Messaging Platform Without User IDs (Remote) Evgeny Poberezkin
A Holistic Security Analysis of Monero Transactions (Remote) Benedikt Wagner
LightSwap: An Atomic Swap Does Not Require Timeouts At Both Blockchains (Remote) Subhra Mazumdar
Overcoming ESG & Financial Censorship & Why Monero is the Digital Cash we Need (Remote) Kaj Jež
TariScript: Non-interactive protocols for Mimblewimble Cayle Sharrock
Flavors of Atomic Swaps: From Zero Two(he)ro Onchain Logix in Retrograde Lederstrumpf
Regulating Monero: A Libertarian Strategic Analysis andrea
Panel Discussion: Cryptocurrencies and Regulations -